Say goodbye to the burden of restaurant grease trap waste removal.

Save Our Sink Inc. Provides Grease Trap Cleaning in Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa

Servicing grease traps and interceptors the right way can eliminate clogging and over flowing of FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and Solids) devices. The main cause of overflowing grease traps and grease interceptors are lack of service and / or improper pumping. Many grease trap / grease interceptor cleaning companies take short cuts by only skimming the grease on top leaving all the solids resting in the bottom which will eventually block the flow caused by the solids. At Sweet Honey Grease Services every grease trap cleaning and grease interceptor pumping service we provide is a complete pump out of grease, water, and solids inside the grease trap / grease interceptor.

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Say goodbye to the burden of restaurant grease trap waste removal.

Your plate is already overflowing — managing your staff, planning menus, purchasing food, promoting your business, and more. Add to that a most unsavory yet mandatory task: proper disposal of your grease trap waste. It’s messy, time-consuming, and tricky.

Add to all this one very important concern: how do you know if the vendor entrusted with your liquid waste removal is following the rules and properly disposing of your waste? Legal requirements these days are stringent and increasingly unforgiving. It’s all a burden that not only interrupts your business, but exposes you to significant risk, not only of potentially backed-up grease traps and interceptors but also of potentially significant fines from local and state governments for non-compliance with environmental regulations, not to mention the strict “pre-treatment” discharge limits that many cities are now implementing to protect their sewer systems from high clean up and waste treatment costs. Beyond these significant obstacles, the smell of a non-functioning or “plugged” grease trap is unbearable to most people’s noses and stomachs.

Save Our Sink Inc. exists to help you forget about your grease trap and stay focused on being productive and profitable. Contact us today to find out how we can help you eliminate head aches and obstacles before they appear.


Let a professional grease trap cleaning company handle your grease traps at your station.

Save our Sink Inc. specializes in an environmentally friendly service that will clean the grease traps at your service station.  Our grease trap cleaning experts abide by all state and city regulations set forth by Cedar Rapids Waste Water (319) 286-5286.  If you are looking for a local and professional grease trap cleaning company to help with your grease traps at your gas station, please contact us today.


If you are managing a grocery store, it is vital that all cleaning procedures in your establishment follow the strictest guidelines possible.  You do not want any food or product to be contaminated at your store.  Our professional grease trap cleaning staff will pump the grease from any grease trap/interceptor into our truck tank and then haul it to the Cedar Rapids Waste water treatment plant.  Our expert staff follow all guidelines set forth by the Cedar Rapids Waste Water department (319-285-5286) so you can be confident that the job is getting done right.  Call today for more information (319) 294-9899.


Whether you oversee 100 students or 2,000 students, you are well aware of the importance of making sure the school’s kitchen and cafeteria are operating efficiently.  Imagine having a cafeteria full of students waiting to be served their lunches and unexpectedly your kitchen sinks stop draining and start overflowing into the food prep area.  If you haven’t had your grease trap regularly cleaned out, it is likely you will experience this horrible scenario.  Beyond the major inconvenience to you and your coworkers, the students need to be fed.  Don’t let this happen to you and to your school.  Call us today for a free consultation to determine the best maintenance plan for your school’s grease trap. Avoid the unexpected backups.


Surprisingly, even churches have grease traps.  If there is any kind of food preparation, it is likely there is a grease trap.  You don’t want the smell of a backed-up grease trap filling your place of worship as your trying to focus your attention on the singing or preaching.  Scheduling regular cleanings with Save our Sink Inc. will eliminate this terrible scenario altogether.


Where there are food services, there are usually kitchens and cafeterias.  And where there are kitchens and cafeterias, there are always grease traps.  Among the many places you will find grease traps, senior living homes are no exception.  Many senior living locations have grease traps that require regular maintenance for the same reasons that other locations require regular maintenance–they get full!  And when they get full, they need cleaned.


Even if you don’t own or manage a restaurant, gas station, grocery store, or other common places you would expect to find a grease trap, there are many facilities that do.


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