How Your Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor System Works

Grease traps prevent kitchen grease and food waste from entering the city sewer system when maintained properly.  Grease clogs sanitary sewer lines causing line blockages making it a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows.  The result is all too frequent discharges of untreated wastewater into streets, homes and commercial enterprises.  Ultimately these problematic waste streams enter our local waterways, where they cause further cleanup costs and restrict recreation, tourism and commerce.  To prevent costly and dirty back-ups or over-flows grease traps must be regularly emptied and periodically cleaned.

1. Your kitchen’s complete plumbing system, including sinks, dishwashers, floor-drains and mop-sinks, drains into the grease trap or grease interceptor system.
2. Wastewater flows into either an interior or exterior (usually in-ground) grease trap system.  A baffle separates the inlet and outlet of the trap, keeping grease in.
3. Grease floats to the top of the grease trap, while solids settle on the bottom. The trap or interceptor must be vacuum pumped regularly by a skilled service provider to remove the entire contents of the trap.
4. Clean water then continues to flow into your sewer or septic system.

All of your grease trap waste is collected by our grease trap cleaning staff and sent to the  water treatment plant according to city and state regulations.  Our advanced pump trucks use state-of-the-art pumps and hoses to remove both the floating grease and solid particles that settle on the bottom.  If you have a grease trap that is outside of your building and holds thousands of gallons, you will need a company that has the pump strength, hose length, and tank capacity to efficiently remove the waste.  Save Our Sink has everything you need to get the job done.

Here’s another diagram to help make sense of the inner workings of a grease trap:

Don’t wait until your grease trap is overflowing, bringing all operations to a halt.  Remove the obstacles before they create problems.  Contact us today.


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